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May 29, 2019

Jon spoke to WGBH News about the impact of military service on soldiers and their families

A Memorial Day tweet Thursday from the U.S. Army asking veterans to share how their service has impacted them seemingly backfired when thousands of people responded with testimonies of PTSD, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and other scars of service. Aside from parades, ceremonies, and NFL game displays, how does the United States treat veterans? Read more: A U.S. Army Tweet Asking ‘How Has …

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March 22, 2019

Jon spoke to 22News about opioids

Joining Dr. Michele Burns from Boston Children’s hospital, Jon spoke to legislators, toxicology residents, and the media about the dangers of synthetic opioids. Watch the full story and interview here. Poison control centers of America want to share a powerful message about the dangers of opioid exposure.   Medical professionals told 22News they work with the Poison Control Center every …

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