August 12, 2019

Guest op-ed: All hands on deck to clean up a troubled corner

By Jon Santiago Since the attack on Atkinson Street last week, there has been constant discussion about the opioid epidemic and how the city and state should respond. While I am glad to see a renewed focus on addressing the conditions in our neighborhood, for those of us living and working near Mass and Cass, this is nothing new. Since …

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July 1, 2019

WGBH: MBTA Fare Hikes Ripped As Paying More For Less

By Chris Lisinski One rider that activists reached was Rep. Jon Santiago, who stopped to speak with Wu on his way to the State House. Santiago had previously joined with colleagues in the Boston delegation to pen a letter opposing the hikes. He told the News Service that, despite promises of better service and plans to make key infrastructure upgrades, …

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