March 13, 2019

CommonWealth Magazine: “Dialing up the road safety debate”

By Andy Metzger “Rooted in one of the most abominable facets of the nation’s past, racial profiling remains a risk today for drivers of color. At the same time, the havoc caused by motorists distracted by smartphones, a triumph of ingenuity and engineering, presents a uniquely modern hazard on streets and highways. “I look at this as a public safety …

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November 22, 2018

Physicians take on the NRA: This is our lane

By Jon Santiago As a result of the NRA telling physicians to “stay in their lane,” Representative Elect Dr. Jon Santiago stepped up to articulate the reasons why physicians should get involved in the gun violence debate. “As physicians, surgeons, and frontline providers, we are well within our right to advocate for stricter regulations on guns and greater funding for …

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August 30, 2018

The Boston Globe Endorses Jon: “Easily the Most Impressive [Challenger]”

By The Boston Globe Editorial Board “Of the Boston challengers this year, Santiago is easily the most impressive. Raised in Roxbury, he graduated from Yale School of Medicine, served in the Peace Corps, won a Fulbright scholarship — and, oh, is also a captain in the Army Reserves. The opioid emergency, he says, is his priority. He experiences the crisis …

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